Workshop: Winning Complex Sales™

Winning Complex Sales™ (WCS)

Increasing the chances of success in current sales projects


Winning Complex Sales™ optimizes the sales process for companies with complex sales procedures. In small groups, participants practice the methodology based on their own sales transactions and create an “opportunity roadmap”, which includes a strategy and an action plan leading to success. The practice-oriented, easy-to-use methodology and tools ensure that the participants can quickly apply what they have learned in their daily business. This leads to a short and long-term increase in sales effectiveness and efficiency.

Who should participate?

The workshop is aimed at all employees involved in sales. To achieve optimal results, complete account teams should participate i.e. account and sales managers, pre-sales specialists and consultants.

Workshop benefits

  • Increase sales – by improving the action plans in current sales projects
  • Increase the closing rate – by identifying and eliminating deficits in the sales process
  • Promotion of teamwork – through a common language in sales
  • More accurate forecasts – by linking the chance of success to key activities
  • Increasing effectiveness – through better qualification and focus
  • Sustainable impact – by quickly integrating the concepts into daily business

Workshop content

  • Understanding the difference between the selling and buying process
  • Establishing unhindered access to the customer’s “buying centre
  • Improve communication within the sales team
  • Develop individual benefit arguments and make them tangible for the customer
  • Gain trust through a sales team that is coordinated with the buying center
  • Securing the purchase decision through a cost/benefit calculation
  • Develop and implement an effective competitive strategy
  • Creating an activity plan with the customer to control the process
  • Help the customer in his internal sales process
  • Working with the purchasing department
  • Focus on the right projects and make Go / No-Go decisions
  • Learning from successes and failures
  • Time management in sales to achieve short, medium and long-term goals
  • Applying what you have learned in your daily business


The two-day workshop starts at 8:30 am on both days, ends at 7:00 pm on the first day and at 5:00 pm on the second day. An optional implementation control takes place 3 months after the workshop.

Preparation of the participants

To maximize the benefit of the workshop, participants will analyze their own won and lost projects and describe the current situation in one or two important sales projects. Participants apply what they learn in the workshop directly to selected sales projects.

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