3 questions to Millán Elduayen Urcola

The participants (from left to right, from the second to the first row): Santiago, Alejandro, Eduardo, Gonzalo, Millán, Juan Pablo, Roberto, Jordi, Daniel, Juan Carlos, Félix, Eduardo, Ángel, Jo Ann, Carmen, Frederik

Millán Elduayen Urcola is the managing director of Häfele HerrajesEspaña, s.l.

– Millán, what were the challenges you faced for your sales team?

The lack of structures and processes that allow for greater efficiency in management and sales, the insufficient information from the visit reports and the absence of a uniform method in sales are the main problems we have to face. The challenge is to develop a methodology for the sales process that leads to greater efficiency and increased sales.

– How did the methodology practised in the workshop help you to master the challenge?

The method represents a structured approach that enables us to create a consistent and efficient sales process, optimize resources and focus on the right customers and selling complex projects. It also helps us to systematically structure the required sales strategies and action plans. The method can be easily adapted and scaled depending on the company and target market we want to address.

– When would you recommend other sales managers to work with Roberto?

My team finds the workshop one of the most practical and best-structured workshops they ever attended during their career at Häfele (author’s note: some of the employees have been with Häfele for over 20 years). I would recommend working with Roberto to all companies that want to expand their network and integrate it professionally. In contrast to traditional training, working with Roberto is much more dynamic and he always takes the sales staff into account when designing the sales process and picks them up where they are. Roberto is always attentive to the specific needs of the company and his advice has helped us in our development.

For further information, please contact Roberto Maugeri-de Graaff at www.maugeri-degraaff.com.

This article is translated from Spanish.

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