Workshop: Winning new customers via social media, B2B social selling for sales professionals


“Acquiring new customers via social media” shows how you can expand your network and acquire new customers via social media and LinkedIn in particular.

On this exciting and interactive day, you will learn about the successful approach using your own current examples. The approach, which is focused on business customer sales (B2B), shows how to develop a successful social selling strategy. Your own personalized Social Selling sales process will be developed and applied in the workshop.

The aim is to get to know and apply new approaches and ways of thinking.

Intensive examination of the new online opportunities to expand your network, find and win customers. Here, the focus is on practical application and your own approach to sales. You will develop new ideas and ways of thinking to differentiate yourself with your own sales process.

Persons of all functions who work in sales or in sales-related functions. Especially executives from the areas of management, sales, product and service development and marketing are addressed. The workshop is aimed at all companies with business customers (B2B Sales).


Platforms of the B2B Social Media

Your community and your personal profile

Approaching new potential customers on LinkedIn

Automated generation and scheduling of customer calls

Your new sales process

A mixture of short presentations and active application of the different methods makes the workshop interesting and anchors what has been learned. The participants are actively accompanied during the workshop.

09:00 to 17:00

• Documentation of participants (handout)
• Drinks during the workshop
• Catering during the workshop
• Certificate of participation

For company-specific workshops, you determine where you want to hold the workshop. We consider it a good opportunity to combine the workshop with a dinner together with your team or to schedule the workshop adjacent to another important internal team event.


I am Roberto Maugeri-de Graaff and I am a recognized expert in national and international business customer sales, with almost 25 years of experience in this field. Among other things, I was head of the Sales & Marketing working group for the sale of railway technology for the Gotthard base tunnel. The contract for the railway technology for the Gotthard Base Tunnel is the largest order in Swiss economic history with a volume of 1.7 billion Swiss francs. Of course, I am not saying this without pride. But I have also worked in smaller companies where I sold products and services for a few thousand Swiss francs and was able to perfect my skills on the phone, for example.

Today I pass on my knowledge and experience to interested companies in all sectors. Companies from the following industries have already booked my workshops: Software Development, Crowd-Sourced Photography, Trade and Commerce, Facility Management, Building Services Engineering, Geoinformation and Payment Systems.


Contact me today, here.

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