Why are salespersons the most important resource in a company?

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Let’s do a thought experiment. I admit that the experiment is a little ” black and white” thinking. I would like to leave the thinking in “shades of grey” to the reader here.

Let’s assume you have a good product, but can’t sell it. What are the consequences? The company will not last long and disappear from the market again.

Let’s take the other extreme: you have a bad product and good salespersons. The product will probably be sold from time to time (have you ever bought a bad product?). The company generates income and a profit margin and new people come on board to improve the product. What is the consequence? It is safe to say that this business will survive longer.

So, take care of your sales staff and show #Leadership in sales. The things that these sales people need to enjoy working for you have been compiled by Phil Kreindler in his blog.

Link to Phil Kreindler’s blog on www.infoteam-consulting.com

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