Customerized Selling

Roberto Maugeri-de Graaff improves the skills and competences that are important from your customers’ point of view with Infoteam’s “Customerized Selling” methods.

Most companies invest a lot to find out what customers’ expectations of their products and services are. Few, on the other hand, ask the customer what expectations they have of the sales organization and its sales managers. They design their sales processes based on assumptions without knowing what is really important to their customers.

Roberto Maugeri-de Graaff takes a different approach to optimizing the sales process: Infoteam asked more than 1,000 decision-makers in customer companies about their expectations and experiences with suppliers. Infoteam has integrated the findings into the methods and concepts. The aim is to help sales organizations become more professional and to use their sales process as a unique selling point.

Roberto Maugeri-de Graaff trains companies in on-site workshops in order to introduce management, sales and sales-related employees to the best practices. Thanks to his more than 20 years of experience in B2B sales and the proven methods, he manages to realize a competitive advantage for his customers.

A possible procedure:
1. Design workshop with the management and sales management (1 day)
2. Training of all sales staff and all sales-related functions (2 days)
3. Implementation support (as needed and either online or on-site)
4. Refresher Workshop after 3 or 6 months (1 day)

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